Mi mamá era de pollera, yo no (My mom wore polleras, I do not)

Culture, identity, traditions, and connections with socio-economic welfare are the undercurrent of my work. Drawn to working with Yovanna in pursuit of a better understanding of her culture, our collaboration and the outward observations of a foreign culture caused an inward examination of my own cultural identity. Yovanna acts like a mirror; she is my “other” and I am her “other.”

Like many young Bolivian women born in an Aymara family, Yovanna’s cultural identity stretches between two worlds: the Aymara culture of her parents and a Western way of living. Mi mamá era de pollera, yo no, (My mom wore polleras, I do not) captures Yovanna’s mindset as she strives for independence, self-realization, and the construction of a new cultural identity.

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