A rural area near La Paz, Bolivia, is a backdrop of a fractured relationship of two sisters-in-law, Valvina and Adelia. Valvina, suffering from diabetes, refuses medical care out of fear of dying in a hospital and yet is tormented by a constant desire to die. She moves into a room in Adelia’s home while waiting for her own house to be built.

Retreated in her inner world, Valvina spends most of the day in her room, occasionally going into the kitchen to eat or to sit briefly on a sofa or outside the home, while Adelia, her sister-in-law, carries on with household chores. With hope for life slowly extinguishing, Valvina only uses iodine to clean and disinfect her feet of ulcers, almost as if waiting for the moment to die. The series portrays Valvina´s quietness, stillness, silence, and neglect of her last days. Valvina passed away on December 3, 2016 at the age of 46 soon after she settled into her new home.

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